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Our motto is: when you go high, we go higher.


Since 1942

Mezcalero is the past, the present and the future. It’s all about evolution, transcendence and unexplored roads. Throughout generations we have been creating the most legendary pieces that build an authentic cowboy culture.

More than 80 years of tradition confirm that we are experts in the leather industry, but what really defines us is the passion and energy behind every statement piece we create.

From the very beginning, our founders Mr. Delfino and Mrs. Petra, an explosive couple ahead of their time, set out to create a brand of boots for women and men who wanted to stand out from the crowd, and who were able to authentically express their personality.



Legendary pieces

Our philosophy is that style is about creating an endless story between the way you feel and the way you look. Mezcalero’s pieces are the headlines of this story.

We love the rush, the adrenaline, and the overall feeling that comes from getting ahead of fashion trends to launch game-changing pieces designed to transcend.

Quality and luxury come as standard, but Mezcalero is about much more than this. We design to represent what’s essential to you: Self-confidence, and of course, damn good style



Play hard, we got you

We were born different, independent since the beginning. We have a history of embracing authenticity and LEGACY.

Each Mezcalero product is hand-crafted with luxurious fabrics, reflecting the brand’s attention to detail and devotion to quality. We push the boundaries of fashion and culture, and we’d love for you to be part of it.


Our process

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We design a diverse array of boots, based on the latest fashions and feedback from our current and future customers. Our designers pair talent with creativity to sketch the best boots you’ve ever laid eyes on.

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Our team of over 500 fairly paid artisans handmake every single boot in León, México under the safest working conditions possible. They use the Goodyear Welt construction method to produce boots that offer superior quality, comfort, and longevity.

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Once a pair of boots is ready to go, they’re inspected for quality. Our rigorous inspection process ensures that no detail is overlooked and you’re left with the highest quality product to ever grace your feet.

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Last but not least, our boots are carefully packaged, keeping the environment and your convenience top of mind. At this point, they’re ready to be shipped off for you to enjoy.


Get a Sneak Peek

Into Our Unique Boot Making Process



Mezcalero is dedicated to making handcrafted, top-quality, timeless footwear, apparel, accessories, & leather goods.

With customers all around the world, our handmade pieces symbolize without speaking you know who you are.


Impeccable Quality

Bringing the west to the high-end fashion map.

From the moment you put on a pair of our boots, you’ll be impressed with their quality and design. The full-grain leather construction, premium lining, and handmade process guarantees they’ll last for years to come.

You’ll look at your Mezcalero leather goods 5, 10, or 15 years from now in disbelief about the excellent shape they’re still in.

Play the game and change the game by being authentic and true to yourself. Move forward, but above all, create an impact with every step you take.

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1. 100% Handcrafted by More Than 500 Passionate Artisans 

2. Premium Quality Materials and Avant-Grade Procedures

3. Free Shipping, Exchanges, and Returns

4. Fashion-Forward Yet Timeless Designs

5. Superior Fit and Unparalleled Quality

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